Private Markets

"Through close collaboration with operating partners and portfolio executives, RCP delivers flawless execution as we work to commercialize an asset and replicate that success within the portfolio."

RCP is an early-stage commercial planning partner operating as an extension of our private market clients with a responsibility to identify optimization opportunities throughout the commercialization process, which increases revenue potential and drives down costs. Rapid commercialization allows Private Equity and Venture Capital firms to unlock value early in the investment lifecycle of a portfolio company, directly impacting multiples upon exit, increasing valuation and accelerating time to market.

Continuous Value Outcome Measurement and Management

At RCP, we believe in value-driven partnerships, which is why we place an especially strong emphasis on service excellence. We are committed to being your trusted advisor during the creation and execution of a portfolio company commercialization strategy; from discovery to benefit realization. Collaboration with portfolio executives and operating partners helps optimize the firm’s commercialization playbook and identify other opportunities to replicate value across the portfolio.

RISK MITIGATION MAXIMIZE REVENUE POTENTIAL COST OPTIMIZATION Core Market + Expansion Strategy Market Access/ Pricing Strategy Evidence-Based Product + Market Strategy Patient Identification/ Diagnostics KOL Development Key Influencer + Advocacy Outreach Organizational Effectiveness + Sizing Realistic Strategic Imperatives Critical Success Factors Targeted Spending Maximize ROI Budget Oversight Internal Resources, Training + SOPs Comprehensive Market Analysis Cross-Functional Alignments Data Generation + Data Interpretation Communication Campaigns Proficient Execution/ Operational Excellence
Value Creation Opportunities Market Access/ Pricing Strategy Internal Resources, Training + SOPs Organizational Effectiveness + Sizing Core Market + Expansion Strategy Comprehensive Market Analysis Realistic Strategic Imperatives Evidence-Based Product + Market Strategy Cross-Functional Alignments Critical Success Factors Key Influencer + Advocacy Outreach Data Generation + Data Interpretation Targeted Spending KOL Development Communication Campaigns (Medical, Promotional, Corporate) Maximize ROI Patient Identification/Diagnostics Proficient Execution/ Operational Excellence Budget Oversight MAXIMIZE REVENUE POTENTIAL COST OPTIMIZATION RISK MITIGATION

Maximium Revenue Potential

  • Development and execution of comprehensive evidence-based strategy and tactics to support commercialization.
  • Gaining deep market understanding to determine strategic focus.
  • Implement proven patient identification and KOL development strategies.
  • Developing market access strategies, plans and materials to obtain reimbursement.
  • Building out the commercial infrastructure eliminating loss of valuable time during ramp up.
  • Impacting launch readiness, positive revenue growth and increase multiples.

Cost Optimization

  • Organizational Effectiveness – ensuring the right team, the right training and the right processes are in place.
  • Defining realistic strategic imperatives and critical success factors
  • Fiscal responsibility and budget oversight to ensure pragmatic spending and maximum return on investment for the firm and limited partners.

Risk Mitigation

  • Avoid the risk of a suboptimal launch.
  • Understanding the patient journey and critical pain points for intervention.
  • Interpreting and leveraging analytics to correctly inform market opportunity.
  • Avoiding irreversible mistakes that ultimately increase time to market and lost opportunity.
  • Solving the critical links between landscape, trial design, and commercialization requirements – payer, HTA, regulatory, etc.
  • Claims data and market research data can be underestimated.
  • Inadequate KOL development strategy can greatly reduce adoption.