Avoid the perils of observable inefficiency. Optimize commercial readiness through improved strategy, execution, fiscal responsibility and accelerated timelines.

The value of RCP comes from our depth and breadth of experience and competence. We understand how to direct ground-breaking and innovative product launches in rare disease and gene therapy amidst ambiguous and evolving market landscapes.

We have encountered superior and substandard organizational environments, enabling us to have first- hand understanding of the critical factors which create the delta between high-performing and under-performing companies.

We are highly adept at market analysis and value propositioning to support pre-acquisition diligence and investor funding. We interact with market and clinical experts, leveraging insights to devise and effectively execute strategies facilitating optimal launch trajectory and increased valuation.

We Are Partners

Partnering with RCP removes the need to retain and manage consultants to bridge a hiring gap and obviates risk associated with a significant delay in market development and commercial readiness due to organizational scale-up and training. Our client partners are able to begin commercialization without having to build a large organizational footprint at a time when capacity for investment may be minimal.

  • Prioritizing and optimizing investments to ensure an optimal launch and meet or exceed revenue goals.
  • Early and expert market preparation and effectiveness.
  • Pragmatic and evidence-based brand planning, launch strategies and patient identification tactics.
  • Seamless implementation, from strategic development to tactical execution.
  • Ability to anticipate critical needs and fine-tune operational levers.

RCP is dedicated to positioning clinical-stage biotech companies for commercial launch success in rare disease and gene therapy. We are invested in the success of every asset, every company we collaborate with.

Let us show you how we speed-up success leading to enhanced ROI.